Expressing sadness

Expressing sadness
– I’m really so sad
– How sorrowful it is
– Please leave me alone
– It really hurt
– It is very tragic to…
– I am so sad to see that
– I’m feeling bad at this time
– I’m so sad to hear that
– I can’t tell my pain and sorrow in word
Andi: Hi, what happen with your hand Budi?
Budi: my hand is hurt because the accident yesterday
Andi: I’m so sad to hear that
Budi: but it’s right now
You need a lot of money to pay your school fees and your mother is having surgery in a hospital. Your teacher is asking you
Teacher : hi, why do you look so sad? know you are not concentrating on the lesson. What wrong?
You :………………
Teacher :…………………
(continued by yourself)
Your friend has just broken up with her boy friend. She is so sad now. She is sharing her sorrow with you
You : …………..
Your friend: well, split with Pandu last night
You :…………..


~ by imammukyidin15 on March 18, 2011.

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